Wednesday, November 2, 2011

this one's Mine

I was swimming in circles around a swimming pool that took me nowhere.
I could see the sunlight from beneath the surface where I was frantically kicking my legs, my arms stretched out before me as my fingers clawed and scratched through the liquidy wetness that was suffocating me, I was reaching for the surface that seemed to be right before me, I could see it, just inches away, but I couldn’t quite get there, I kicked harder, frantic to reach to the top.  The sunlight was shining so bright that it was white, it looked so beautiful, so warm, so welcoming, so inviting.  But I was sinking deeper, further beneath the surface, it seemed to never end, I just kept floating down, deeper and deeper.

I finally felt it, the hard surface that was the edge of the pool, running my hand alongside it, it felt round, and colored in a deep shade of blue.  My fingers felt their way up the side, guiding me up to the top, I was getting closer, and I was reaching and feeling around for something to grab onto to pull myself up, and then violently I was pushed back down, back into the water.  I heard the voice but I didn’t know where it was coming, the words searing mercilessly through my head “people like you never get out of this pool”, I felt my head being pushed back into the water and I was sinking again, deeper down towards the bottom.  I gasped at the tiny bubbles floating by that offered little more than just enough air to keep me going, but never quite getting that deep full breath my body was screaming for, aching for.
My head felt light, my vision blurry, my words were barely audible as I gasped for air, this time reaching  up towards the sunlight that seemed to be guiding me to the top “help me, someone please help me.”

His arms were strong as they effortlessly plunged beneath the surface and scooped me up.  He held me close, my head resting against the softness of His robe as tears spilled down my face, I sputtered for air and then finally I was able draw in that long deep breath I was searching for, my eyes trying to focus through the brightness that was lit up around me.  It was Him… all along, the light I was reaching for, it was Him, reaching out His hand for me, waiting for me to reach back, to call out for Him, my words barely audible, “help me”, was all He needed to scoop me up in His arms, brush the sopping hair that was splayed across my face from my eyes, holding me close to His chest and turning and carrying me away safely in the protection of His arms.

This one’s Mine.

linking up with Tracy at Winsome Wednesday.


  1. Wow, what a dream, Kandi! He is our rescuer!

  2. Kandi this is a beautiful piece of writing. Powerful and riveting. Casting our pride aside and calling out to Jesus is a powerful thing. He is the only One who can scoop us out of life's biggest messes. I'm so glad in my most "over my head" moments I called to Him!;)

  3. Kandi, this is beautiful and it goes with the message God is speaking to my heart today. My identity, my worth is found in that fact that I belong to God, I am held, and I am loved. It's not about what I do, it's about who I am - and I am His.

  4. Hi Kandi - wow, great writing. I felt the emotion as if I was right there. So grateful that God fights for us and rescues us. thank you too, Kandi for linking up with me today. I am so glad. I love seeing your smiling face there.
    God bless

  5. Absolutely beautiful Kandi... Such a powerful metaphor for our Savior's influence in our lives.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. SO POWERFUL!! We are scorched by desserts, and He brings life water. We drown in life, He rescues. We fall off the cliff or crawl on the ground, He picks us back up, carrying us to our next moment. I needed this. Thank you!


  7. nice post thanks for sharing... loves soraya

  8. When my mom and my siblings and I were in the midst of this huge crowd during the People Power revolution, my mom was getting anxious because there did not seem to be a way out and we were getting crushed. There also were fireworks which added to her anxiety. She prayed and then a big hand appeared before her eyes. She grabbed hold of it, pulling us all out into a clearing. To this day, she recounts the incident with wonder! Patsy from

  9. Oh Kandi, this is beautiful! I love the inspiration you get to write something so lovely. :) God has such perfect timing and is always there to rescue and restore us; we can be assured and have joyful confidence that He will always set things right and renew our souls!

    Blessings and hugs friend!

  10. Wow Kandi, that was a great piece of writing! I have so felt like that myself many times! Love the fact that all we need to do is reach up or whisper help me. Your posts are always such an encouragement.
    Blessings to you today...Chelle

  11. Wow. This was written with such precision that I was able to feel the desperation in your words. What a powerful piece of work. Love! The Ultimate Champion and Rescuer of our souls!!

  12. Kandi... just beautiful my friend. I felt like I was right there, drowning and being saved all over again. He is so good. Blessings!

  13. Kandi, what a beautiful piece!! All we have to do is call Him and He is right there to keep us from drowning. You certainly know how to write and keep ones attention. Blessings to you and keep these coming.