Monday, November 28, 2011

no words

I know that there are people who don’t agree with the way I choose to honor God before others in my everyday life, and I know that there are people who are not going to agree with I have to say in this post, and that is fine, I am ok with that.  In my everyday life I don’t talk about Jesus, I don’t, because I know that someone who is not ready to hear about God is going to shut down the moment His name mentioned.  I accepted Christ four and half years ago, before that, if anyone even mentioned the word God in my presence, I would them to bleep bleep bleep out of my presence, I was at rock bottom back then and I desperately need me some Jesus, but I wanted absolutely nothing to do with Him.  I make no secret that I am a believer, I wear that badge loud and proud, but I don’t talk about it, unless someone asks.

Jesus was a sinless man who loved and obeyed the laws of God, but oh my He loved the sinners, and they loved Him, they flocked to Him, and He never rejected them but treated them with dignity.  Back in the day when Jesus walked this earth as a man in human flesh, if anyone ever needed to find Him all they had to was look in square in the middle of sin and they would find Jesus there, probably having lunch with all the sinners of the town He was in, but even then He never sinned. He never condemned, or judged even the most sinful of people, instead He brought them into His flock, He loved on them, it was in the presence of Jesus where they found peace, and when they found peace in the arms of Jesus, they ultimately began to love God and honor His laws.
In my early days, some of the loudest words ever spoken to me, were no words at all, those who had the greatest impact in my journey with Jesus, are the ones who spoke the least, because when we are filled with whole lotta Jesus the peace flows through us like a river, and unbeliever can’t help but see His light shine through you and they are going to want whatever it is you have.

You don’t have to agree with me, I know some people aren’t going to, I just don’t believe that I need to pull out my  holy slingshot loaded with the gospel and aim square at an unbeliever’s head, I  don’t need to use big words like salvation, redemption, and sanctification, I don’t even know what those words mean, they scare me, so I can imagine what they would do to an unbeliever, we speak loudly when nothing is spoken. 
I was going to post this Sunday night, and I heard the whisper on my heart, wait.  This morning I popped over to a blog that I visit regularly, My Daily Walk in Grace, Tracy talked about random acts of kindness, that is what I am talking about, speaking loudly through no words at all.


  1. Kandi, everyone is different, some need to hear about Jesus through words spoken while others actually hear Jesus although nothing is said by what others do and how others are treated and loved by a Christian. I believe the Holy Spirit guides us to do what He wants us to, we just have to listen to Him and be obedient to what He says. I like your post, you are always so truthful when you write them. Thanks for letting us know how you get people to notice Jesus and His love for us. I love reading your posts.

    Blessings to you, Kandi.

  2. Oh, I was just like you, desperate for Jesus, but if anyone dared to mention Him I would have bleep, bleep, bleeped too! Love this... "some of the loudest words ever spoken to me, were no words at all" Sometimes that is the only way to minister to someone, simply by being who God called you to be. It'd be great if carrying that slingshot around actually worked, but it's so much more like God to have you be attuned to hear Him and know when to speak and when not to! Blessings Kandi :)

  3. Hi Kandi - I too am a firm believer that your actions speak louder than your words. We often say the only bible some may read is 'you'. St Francis of Assisi said, "At all times preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words!"
    Great post Kandi
    God bless
    ps: thanks for the mention :)

  4. "when we are filled with whole lotta Jesus the peace flows through us like a river, and unbeliever can’t help but see His light shine through you and they are going to want whatever it is you have." Amen! I agree, Kandi! People need to see and feel the love of Jesus. When we are filled with Him and walk the faith that we profess, people will be drawn to Him through us - then we can tell them about Jesus.

    Many blessings, sweet friend. :)

  5. Beautiful words spoken Kandi. I believe that people see the light shining through us, and that is something that I strive for and pray for everyday; to let the light shine through me so that others will wonder what I have that they don't! I believe that God puts people in our paths and blesses us to share His Word when they are hungry and searching for more in their lives. I would never want to push them away until they are ready.....

    Blessings and hugs Kandi!

  6. Kandi,

    I have to tell you how I am reading your post. Me and a friend are eating dinner at my computer desk with my son sitting in his portable high chair to my left. He has been demanding bites and drinks off, no not his, mine, including the drink.

    Previously today, I was at work when I first spotted your post. I was hurrying to get mine pieced together (highly interrupted) while leaving yours minimized but open. I have some serious anxiety when I leave ANY blog without finishing reading or writing. I really can't tell you (and Tracy for that matter, but I will make it over there next) how much anxiety. I had to switch gears for work, momhood, whatever, but I'm left with blog residue clouding my conscious.

    Ok, I write all that to say... no matter how much stuff tried to get in the way, I was supposed to read these words. I completely agree. Again, I love your honesty. If God is using you so much here, it interests me to see what he is doing on the other side of this screen.

    <3 Kendra