Wednesday, April 6, 2011

never alone

I don’t know how long this road is going to be
Or where it is going to end
You never said it would be easy
But I never thought it’d be this hard

You created me in Your image
That is who You are transforming me to be
I am not the person I once was
You’re not through with me yet

They say You equip us,
Those who say yes
They say You equip us
And teach us Your ways

They say You use the small and the weak
The poor and the lonely
To show the world how big You are

I have walked this fire before
But the flames have never been so hot
You promised I would never have to walk alone

There are times when You are quiet
You feel so far
But if You say I must walk this fire
Then that is what I will do

You promised I would never be alone.

I wrote this on and off all day yesterday, and intended to post it last night but I forgot, or did I?

Anyway, yesterday, my friend Eileen over at The Scenic Route posted THIS.  If that weren't enough, when I opened my e-mail this morning to read the daily devotion I have delivered, THIS and THIS was waiting for me.  Still, if that weren't enough, as I was puttering around a few other blogs I visit regularly, the message was the same, 4 or 5 blogs ALL all with the same message.  I was convinced He forgot about me, He hasn't, that is not truth and certainly not from God.  

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  1. Finally catching up on all the blogs I missed this week. Nice thoughts Kandi. We often find ourselves on roads where I think Christ is simply asking us to trust Him. We remember His promises and His faithfulness and keep putting on foot in front of another. And you are right,we are never alone. This promise brings me so much comfort and courage.