Thursday, February 24, 2011

word of God speak

When God speaks He isn’t quiet, when God speaks He wants our attention, when God speaks He has something to say.  If you have experienced God speaking to you this way you know what I am talking about, your life seems to be enveloped in the same recurring theme.

A few weeks ago I was watching a sermon from Andy Stanley, he said something and I am paraphrasing here, often times we get so focused on asking God what He wants for our lives that we forget to ask God what He wants for the world and how our lives fit into it.  When we put our lives in terms of that statement it takes us to the level of being totally overwhelmed and intimidated by where God is leading us and the realization that it is so much bigger than we are that we couldn’t possibly do it on our own, it is a show of how big our God is and how small we are. 

Admittedly I hadn't thought much about that until I began to reread some of the chapters in John Ortberg’s book, If You Want to Walk on Water You Have To Get Out Of The Boat, I stumbled across a chapter that I don’t remember reading the first time around.  Again I am paraphrasing but it was the story of a man, a Regular Joe, who asked if it was really true, if we ask for whatever it is we want in His name it will be given to us, John 15:7, this doesn't mean we have an all access pass to a blank check to fill in as we wish.  Anyway, Regular Joe started praying for the children of Africa and over the course of 6 months beautiful things started to happen.  Again, I admittedly  confess I did not think much about that, Andy Stanley’s words and Regular Joe’s story were on my heart but I wasn’t putting much of it into action until I was sitting at my desk in my home office and glanced down at the book that permanently resides in my book rack, I keep it there so I will never forget, not that I could forget that book anyway it has haunted me since the day I read it last July, yes I read that book in one day. That book is Priceless by Tom Davis, it is the story of the horrors of sexual slavery in Russia, it is not light reading but if you have the chance I would recommend it.  While I have heard many a story of girls trapped in the sex trade industry from all over the world, India, Thailand, Eastern Europe and even here in the United States it is the story of the girls in Russia that stick heavy to my heart, and not knowing what a Regular Joe like me could do I did nothing. 

When God speaks He isn’t quiet,
When God speaks He wants our attention,
When God speaks he has something to say.

Andy Stanley:  Find out what God wants for the world and how you fit into it…..
Regular Joe:  Decided to pray and when we pray God works and beautiful things happen….
Priceless:  I can start by praying.

Prayer is just the beginning, you never know where God will lead you as Regular Joe found out, but he started with prayer.

I just finished typing this and was getting ready to hit post, when, wouldn't you know it, on K-LOVE comes Word of God Speak. 



  1. What a great post. Love that Ortberg book and always love what Andy Stanley has to say. I love the question Stanley poses. It takes us beyond thinking of just ourselves and how God can use us in the bigger picture. And praying for things God puts on our hearts is so important.

  2. My best friend often tells me, "prayer isn't the least, it's the MOST we can do." To hear, to intercede, to connect with the heart of the Father on behalf of others... the is a gem and treasure.

    Excited to see how the Lord uses you as you pray!