Wednesday, February 23, 2011

something special

This is the first season I have ever watched American Idol. I never really had an interest in it before, but since I love me some old school Aerosmith, I remember popping that cassette tape into the player of mom and dad's Buick and cruising along belting me out some Sweet Emotion like you don't know what, and Steven Tyler is a judge this season so I couldn’t resist. 

After one of the performances tonight Jennifer Lopez whispers, there is something special about that one, speaking of one of the contestants. 

How we all long to hear those words said about us, there is something special about that one, the Father whispers those words into our hearts everyday, you are so special to me.  Not when we perform well or behave right but always and forever, in our ugly and dark moments and in our moments when we shine, He whispers, there is something special about you.

Lately I have feeling God trying to slow me down, as if my life could get any slower these days, but slow down, rest in the silence and hear my voice,  slow down and be still I am all around you, I have not forgotten, you are special to me.

You are special to Him, slow down and be still, hear it, see it, feel it, you are special to Him.

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