Tuesday, November 30, 2010

paint it like a Picasso

Shortly after I moved into my house my family came over to help me paint.  My nephew, who was just a little guy at the time, so badly wanted to help but he was just too small to use the rollers and brushes the adults were using. He cried and cried because he just wanted to help, so I searched the house and found one of those foam brush on a stick thingys, it was just the right size to fit into his little hand. He was less than happy and wanted to know why he couldn’t use the big brushes like the adults were using, I told him it was a very special brush I picked out just for him and only really special people could use it, his eyes grew wide, reeeeeeally he asked, yupperrrrs I replied.  Then I gave him about a 3ft x 3ft wall in my hallway to paint, again he was not happy because he wanted to paint on the big walls like the adults, so I told him that is was a very special wall that I only let really special people paint on, his face lit up. My nephew thinks I am so totally not cool, in fact he takes great pleasure in telling me what a nerd I am, no one can humble you quite like a tweenager can, but I earned major cool Auntie points that day.  He had this wild and crazy out of control hair back then and no matter what my sister did to it, it still stuck straight up. So my nephew, with his special paint brush and alfalfa hair bobbing up and down was concentrating so hard on painting that wall his little tongue was sticking out of the side of his mouth, he painted like he was painting a one of a kind Picasso. My nephew is older now and has since graduated to the big people paint brushes, but I still look at that wall and remember that day. 

God has a special paintbrush too, one for each of His children, with a special wall just for us to paint on. Perhaps it is your life that has been a little wild and crazy out of control, there is still paint brush waiting for you. I was watching a television program about Mother Teresa, one thing she said really got my attention, we are all given a special gift, and if the gift you have been given is to be a potato peeler then you be the best potato peeler you can be, peel ‘em like a Picasso.  A potato peeler is just as valuable to God as someone who has dedicated their life to missions. Whatever wall you have been given to paint, with whatever paintbrush you have been given to use, know that it is just the right size and has been picked out just for you by God to help paint His Kingdom.  As our faith grows so do our walls and brushes, so whatever your paintbrush looks like or how small or large your wall is at the moment, paint it like a Picasso.

Luke 16:10 tells us that whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.


  1. This is a great story! I would rather be painted like a Raphael than a Picasso, but I guess I'm not the painter, right?

  2. Beautiful! I think sometimes we begin comparing ourselves to others and we think that what we are doing is less than what others might be doing, we forget that God knows EXACTLY what wall we need to be painting on.

  3. How right you are Eileen, that is still something I am working on, stopping the comparisons. His plan for each of us is different and so is His preparation of us to carry out that plan. Sometimes we have to paint A LOT of small walls before we can paint the big ones, but we can rest assured He knows what He is doing.