Sunday, January 8, 2012

ch ch changes

I have never done that pick a word for the year thingy, I just never felt moved to do it, this year for 2012 I picked a word

It just seemed to fit,  2011 was not my best year ever, it was the year of trials, my life crumbling down around me so fast and so furious at times that I thought it was the second coming of Job.  

As believers we know that every season has a beginning and an end and when I emerged from the fiery furnace of that trial a deeper more committed and connected relationship with my Heavenly Father followed and Deeper just seemed to be the right word for 2012, and then I found myself adding the word soar in front of it and there it was my words for 2012.

A new word for a new year and new changes upon me, a nudge to lay this blog down for a while and pick up writing projects that have been long sitting dormant on my computer, nudges to sow into new relationships that have been divinely brought into my life, nudges to soar deeper into my relationship with Jesus.

I still fully intend to visit my sweet bloggy friend’s blogs and  I reserve the right to still write blog posts from time to time it just won’t be as often while I explore this new journey that I feel is being laid before me.



  1. I love your word, deeper. I want to go deeper with God this year as well.

    I understand and respect your decision to lay down the blog for a while. But I will miss your posts and look forward to when you do write! Blessings Kandi!

  2. Kandi ~ I will miss your posts but I fully understand. Will watch for when you do write. God bless you...Chelle

  3. Blessings and prayers to you Kandi as you soar deeper into your relationship and commitment to God. Be strong and courageous for He goes with you on your journey!

    I will miss hearing from you as often; stay in touch!

    Blessings and hugs,

  4. While I am going to miss reading your posts on a more regular basis, I'm excited about what God has laid before you, Kandi. :) I love your (God's) Word choice for 2012 - Soar Deeper. Continues chases after God ~ many blessings!

  5. While I'll certainly miss your regular posts Kandi, I applaud you for following the path God is laying on your heart. You have a beautiful spirit, and I pray that the answers you seek are revealed in abundance.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. Oh man! Kandi, I am so proud of you that you answer His calling and nudges. I love "deeper" and "soar deeper." Eagles soar. They push higher and higher... which sounds like your task. I hope you share some of the things you are picking back up and the relationships you are pushing deeper into.

    <3 Kendra

  7. Soar Deeper. I really like that, Kandi. I love the word soar! There is so much freedom packed in that little word.

  8. Kandi, I will miss your posts, even though I haven't been active on mine or even writing a comment I have been reading. Good luck on your decision, I know you will do good as God is with you. I will be looking for your next post, whenever it may be.

    Have a great day and blessings to you.

  9. Kandi... praying blessings on this year for you. Love that word "deeper!"

  10. HI Kandi - I have missed you so much. This is a great word. Taking the word deeper, your faith deeper, can only have great results. About my link-up, its open til saturday so you're more than welcome to still link up. I'd love to see you there:)
    God bless and praying that 2012 is incredibly blessed for you